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RAMP enables robot service providers and property management companies to monitor and control the operational configuration of an entire fleet of robots in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

Visualize and consolidate all data acquired in the field depending on location, client, and fleet to follow and respond to trends or environmental changes. A centralized control hub provides the operations team with the data, tools, and resources needed to efficiently manage a growing fleet of robots while reducing the necessity for additional resources.


Fleet - Management

  • Number of Robots per Site (Mass-Scale Deployment)

  • Large-Scale Scheduling

  • Teleoperation

  • Collaborate

Intuitive, Highly - Customizable UI

  • Content Management

  • Dialog Management

  • All-Platform compatibility 


Overscan Mapping Boundary


Image by Markus Spiske


  • Back-log Analysis

  • Data visualization

IoT Device Integration

Supporting Network

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